Ed Sheeran says he’s already written a Bond theme song

He's waiting for a call

Ed Sheeran has revealed he has already written a Bond theme song.

The next James Bond film will be released on November 8, 2019, with an earlier release in the UK. It will be the 25th movie in the franchise, and Daniel Craig will return to play the titular character.

Speaking on The Late Late Show on Irish TV channel RTÉ last night (December 15), Sheeran said he hadn’t been asked to pen a theme tune yet, but had one ready just in case. “With Bond, I’ve had a theme tune written for about three years, just in case,” he said.


Asked what it was called, he said: “I’m not going to say because someone might steal it. But it’s good, it’s good.”

He also added that he had had the same prepared approach with his recent track with Eminem, writing the song before he was invited to work with the rapper. “It’s the same with Bond,” he said. “If ever I’m called I’ll be like, ‘Right, there you go.'” Watch the interview clip above, via Digital Spy

Meanwhile, four men were jailed earlier this week after sneaking into Sheeran’s concert in Singapore using fake tickets.

An Australian, two New Zealanders and man from Britain have been given a four week long sentence. Australian resident Paul Cosgrove was sentenced after admitting that he abetted Martin Keane from Britain in a scheme to sneak fans into Sheeran’s sold-out show.