Ed Sheeran had to be “talked out” of buying an island and moving to Ghana

An uninhabited island where he wouldn't be allowed to build a house, no less...

Ed Sheeran has revealed how he’s had to be talked out of some major life decisions, including buying private islands and moving to Ghana for three years.

The singer explained that manager Stuart Camp is always on hand when he comes up with ambitious plans in order to “talk him down” from them.

“Musical stuff I never get talked down from,” he said alongside Camp on James and Oliver Phelps’ podcast Normal Not Normal, per Metro.


“Stu, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve talked me down from recently?” Ed said, with his manager admitting: “There’s too many!”

“Usually moving places,” Sheeran said.

Camp recalled: “‘I’m gonna buy an island here’.  Or ‘I’ve had enough, me and Cherry [Seaborn, Ed’s wife] are emigrating to Ghana for three years.’ Stuff like that. You’ll get the odd thing like that and I go, ‘Yes dear.’ You sort of let the idea percolate and it’ll kill itself eventually.”

Sheeran went on: “I sent Stuart this uninhabited island in Ireland that you’re not even allowed to build a house on and I was like, “I think this is a good idea! I think I’m going to buy this and move here!”.

Instead, he’s focusing on music once more having offered fans the first official taste of his new album last week with the release of ‘Bad Habits’. The new album is expected to arrive later this year.


He’s also been hard at work on music for other artists, having confirmed a songwriting credit on a forthcoming BTS song. In addition, he’s already recorded his part for the re-release of Taylor Swift‘s ‘Everything Has Changed’, set to appear on her imminent re-release of ‘Red’, due out in November.

He has also teased a new collaboration with Kylie Minogue.