Ed Sheeran wanted to release an all-male version of ‘Lady Marmalade’

The musician wanted to get Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber involved in a new take on the song

Ed Sheeran has said he wanted to make an all-male version of ‘Lady Marmalade’ in a new interview.

The musician recently sat down with Charlamagne Tha God to discuss his upcoming new album, ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’.

In the interview, Sheeran talked about the album’s origins, saying it all began with his desire to re-record ‘Lady Marmalade’ with other male pop stars. “This project actually started with one idea I had which was – you remember ‘Lady Marmalade’ right?” he said.


“This is such a silly idea. I had an idea of doing that, like you could get Bruno [Mars], [Justin] Bieber and me on a record. How fun would that be?” You can watch the full interview below.

Ultimately, the proposed track never came to fruition, although Sheeran has bagged a collaboration with Bieber on the new record. The Canadian pop star appears on the already released track ‘I Don’t Care’.

Chance The Rapper and PNB Rock will also appear on ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’, with their track ‘Cross Me’ being released last week (May 24). The remaining 13 tracks on the record will all feature special guests, although it is yet to be announced exactly who will be making appearances.

Meanwhile, Sheeran’s 2019 world tour is set to hit Europe next month before it ends with six outdoor UK dates in August. He will play two shows in Leeds’ Roundhay Park and four at Ipswich’s Chantry Park.