Ed Sheeran urges people to donate to the We Love Manchester fund

The singer appears in a new video for the British Red Cross.

Ed Sheeran has appeared in a promotional video for the British Red Cross, urging the public to donate and support the We Love Manchester emergency fund.

The fund comes after last week’s Manchester terror attack. Last Monday night (May 22) saw an explosion at Ariana Grande’s Manchester Arena concert leave 22 people dead and 59 wounded. Fans were leaving the show when a bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber in a public foyer. The lone attacker died in the explosion from what is said to be a home-made bomb. The bomber has since been named and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In the video, Sheeran says “the attack on Manchester was truly heartbreaking,” adding, “but since then, Manchester, Britain and the world have come together.” He then urges viewers to donate what they can to the fund. You can see the video below.


The emergency fund raised over £2m in its first 24 hours and reached over £5.57m during the weekend.

Meanwhile, John Legend shared a touching message with the family of Manchester terror attack victim Olivia Campbell yesterday (May 29).

The singer found out that Campbell was a big fan of his music and was “moved” by her rendition of his hit ‘All Of Me’, reaching out to her mum Charlotte and stepdad Paul, on Good Morning Britain.

He said: “Hello Paul and Charlotte, this is John Legend. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. I have a young daughter and I can’t imagine the feeling you must be going through right now to have to bury your own daughter.


”I understand that she was a fan of my music and she sang my song ‘All Of Me’ at a talent show, and that you played it at her memorial service. I want to thank you for playing the song and let you know that I was so moved by your daughter’s performance of the song that I want to send you as much love as I can send you from far away, and as much sympathy and condolences as I can send you.

”I know it won’t make up for the loss you’re feeling right now, but any love we can send you we want to send you right now and wish you all the best. Take care.”

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