Watch Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder perform on-stage at former school

Grunge legend was attending an arts fundraiser

Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder has been seen performing with teachers at his old high school in the US, it has emerged today (February 23).

The Pearl Jam frontman and singer – who has been at the forefront of the band since their formation in 1990 – was visiting his old school San Dieguito Academy in San Diego County, California for an Alumni fundraiser, in order to raise money for the school’s arts programme.

According to Stereogum, Vedder then took to the stage with his old classmates and teachers to perform a cover version of Joe Jackson’s 1979 hit ‘ Got The Time’. Watch two videos of the performance below.


The news was broken on Pearl Jam’s official community discussion boards

The news follows reports in 2015 of the Pearl Jam frontman releasing a clip of ‘The Traveler’ sung by his six-year-old daughter Harper Vedder, accompanied on Ukelele.

The track – which is more reminiscent of a home tape recording than a professional studio production – is not your typical camcorder-with-the-kids moment, though, as it features in Cameron Crowe’s latest movie Aloha. Vedder and the director have a substantial history, as Crowe also directed the Pearl Jam documentary Pearl Jam Twenty, released in 2011.

Listen to the Harper Vedder track below:


While Pearl Jam vocalist Vedder helped write the song, it’s unclear whether he performed the backing track. It does seems likely, though Eddie doesn’t appear vocally on the recording, particularly given his 2011 release of solo album ‘Ukelele Songs’.

Aloha was released back in May 2015, and stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Bill Murray. The movie was soundtracked in large part by Sigur Rós man Jonsi and his partner Alex Somers. ‘The Traveler’ plays over the end credits.


Pearl Jam released their 10th studio album ‘Lightning Bolt’ back in 2013.

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