Editors’ Tom Smith denies he’s ‘spearheading campaign against Radiohead’

Frontman tells NME Radio he still thinks they were 'devaluing' music

Editors frontman Tom Smith has said that he is not “spearheading a campaign” against Radiohead with regards to their attitude to illegal downloading after calling them “selfish”.

Smith earlier said that the band’s 2007 ‘pay-what-you-like’ release style for their ‘In Rainbows’ contradicted their current anti-file-sharing stance.

Today (October 6) Smith told Iain Baker on NME Radio that he wasn’t trying to attack the Oxford band personally, but he thought they could have been more helpful when it came to tackling downloading.

“All this debate… it’s hard getting involved because I don’t offer a solution,” he told DJ Iain Baker. “I’m not saying they [Radiohead] started a problem, I’m not spearheading a campaign against them. The problem is devaluing music. Radiohead gave away their record for free… big bands have responsibility for small bands.”