Exclusive – Editors tell NME.COM about new album

Tom Smith: 'It sounds big even when its turned down'

Editors have revealed all about their second album ’An End Has A Start’.

The follow up to ’The Back Room’ will be released on June 25 and was produced by Bloc Party producer Jacknife Lee.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Tom Smith said that the album would have a bigger sound – explaining it sounded “big even when turned down”.

“You’ve got to grab people on every account, and you’ve got to grab yourself first,” he explained. “Over the last couple of years things have started happening in my life – people dying or getting ill – and they’ve just started these thoughts in my head. Realising that (death) is part of life can be amazing. I think that makes sense when you hear the songs.”

Smith said that the band have a mission to prove themselves on this album.

“You want to step up with your second record and prove yourself,” declared the singer. “In the 80’s you had time, now it’s so fast and snappy. We want to show there’s more to us, but people will hear this record and know we’re going to be around for as long as we want.”

The album’s first single ’Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’ will be released on June 25.

The tracklising to ’An End Has A Start’ is:

‘Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors’

‘An End Has A Start’

‘The Weight Of The World’


‘When Anger Shows’

‘The Racing Rats’

‘Push Your Head Towards The Air’

‘Escape The Nest’


‘Well Worn Hand’