Editors auction their helmet

Keane also join the new War Child campaign

Editors are auctioning off a one-off customised military helmet in aid of the War Child charity.

Celebrating the release of the new film ‘Jarhead’, Keane have also specially designed a helmet to raise money for the organisation, who help children in war-torn countries.

Russell Leetch, Editors’ bassist explained: “The inspiration behind the helmet we decorated was the two fundamentals that brought the idea together, firstly the charity War Child and secondly the band Editors. I went out and bought a selection of newspapers from just one day.”

He added: “The amount of articles on war was ridiculous. I was stunned to see the amount of columns devoted to it. I used these articles to cover the helmet and then used quotes from our lyrics and from the War Child aims to try to create an impact. The whole piece was related to us as a band as it was, excuse the pun, ‘edited’.”

Speaking about their design, Keane’s drummer Richard Hughes said: “I think I was about six or seven when I first saw a mirror ball – I found it totally mesmerising, as if I was suddenly in space among the stars. I wanted to do something with this military object that a child might be able to appreciate, and a mirror ball sprang to mind. I think it quietly says something about war child’s aims – to give children their childhood back.”

He continued: “Seeing the plain helmet also reminded me of war films where you see soldiers with symbols and words scrawled in their helmets, so I tried to subtly include the CND symbol in the mirrors. I also hoped it would look cool, so kids would like it.”

The pieces designed by Keane and Editors, along with one signed by the cast and director of ‘Jarhead’ – including Sam Mendes and Jake Gyllenhaal, are available on ebay.co.uk until January 23.

Gorillaz, Maximo Park, Razorlight, Feeder and Kasabian will also be donating exclusively designed helmets in the near future.

A verification certificate from the film company UIP will accompany each helmet.

‘Jarhead’ opens in cinemas nationwide today (January 13).