Editors tackle REM and Talking Heads

On their new single

Editors are tackling R.E.M and Talking Heads on their upcoming new single ‘Blood’.

The release will feature the band covering songs by the two legendary bands as well as remixes of their own tracks.

‘Blood’ will be issued on two formats – a strictly limited and numbered 10” vinyl which will be deleted on the day of release, and an accompanying enhanced CD.

The 10” vinyl will come with a cover of Talking Heads‘Road To Nowhere’ on the B-side with Jason Pierce’s remix of ‘Camera’, while the CD will feature Editors’ version of R.E.M’s ‘Orange Crush’, a mix of ‘Camera’ by Paul Oakenfold and the video for ‘Blood’.

‘Blood’ will be released on June 19.

Editors are currently touring in Japan and will return for a sold-out UK jaunt in late May.

The band are currently working on tracks for their second album, which they will begin recording after the summer festivals.