The 61 year-old singer has a fatal heart attack...

EDWIN STARR, one of MOTOWN’s greatest ever performers, has died of a suspected heart attack.

The 61-year-old, who will be forever remembered as the voice behind one of the greatest anti-war songs ever written, ‘War’, died at his Warwickshire home yesterday afternoon (April 2).

His long-term manager, Lilian Kyle, said: “Edwin died between 2pm and 3pm today (Wednesday 2nd April 2003). The Medics tried so very hard to revive him but he just wouldn’t come back We are all in total shock, we just cannot comprehend what has happened,” she added.

Starr had just returned from performing to 20,000 strong crowds in Germany, but returned to the UK unwell.

Kyle said he just wanted to relax after arriving back in the UK.

He added: “We knew he wasn’t well but what can we say? We will all miss him terribly.”