Watch Eels’ record-breaking Super Bowl advert

See Mark 'E' Everett's effort here

As previously reported on NME.COM, EelsMark ‘E’ Everett planned to place an advert for his new compilation album, ‘Useless Trinkets’, during the Super Bowl half-time ad slot yesterday (February 3).

Unfortunately the band were blocked in their efforts to invade America’s biggest sporting event.

“In the end we were told that the NFL would have to find 29 other advertisers to buy onme second spots to fill a standard 30 second advertising slot and that they do not sell advertising time by the second,” explained frontman E. “They also noted that a rapid fire 30 second segment of 30 one second commercials could cause people with certain medical conditions to have seizures and that it was against network regulations.”


Instead of being on air, you can watch Eels’ one-second Super Bowl advert on YouTube instead now.

Advertising slots during the Superbowl cost a $100,000 per second.

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