Queen writes to Eels to say thanks for gig invite

Her Royal Highnesses said it was 'impossible' to attend recent show

Eels frontman E has told NME.COM he received an official royal response after inviting the Queen to attend his gig.

The singer invited the Queen to the attend Eels show at London’s Royal Festival Hall last month, hoping the royal box would not go empty.

The monarch did not attend the show – Eels recruited a lookalike to fill their royal void – however, E has revealed Buckingham Palace did RSVP.

The Queen‘s Lady In Waiting sent me a letter informing me that it would be ‘impossible’ for the Queen to attend our show at Royal Festival Hall,” he explained. “This is the fourth time we’ve played Royal Festival Hall, and I was determined to see a queen sitting in the royal box this time.

“So we got The Queen‘s lookalike and everyone on my staff and at the hall was instructed to play along and let me have my fantasy. It was truly a thrill to have The Queen in attendance. And she loved the show, by the way.”