And E's getting to work on a new Eels album too...

Eels mainman E has written the score for the forthcoming BILLY BOB THORNTON movie ‘LEVITY’.

The film, due for release in 2003, follows the story of a parolee (Thornton) who seeks atonement for the killing of a teenage store clerk in a botched stick-up attempt two decades earlier. It was this drama that attracted E – who is listed in the credits as Mark Oliver Everett, his birth name – to the project.

E told Rolling Stone: “I’ve been asked to (write scores) over the past several years. The requests come in fairly regularly and it’s almost always something I’m not interested in doing because of the movie. But this one I felt like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna give it a whack.'”

In addition to the score, the soundtrack will feature two new Eels songs, ‘Skywriting’ and ‘Taking a Bath in Rust’. E is also working on a new Eels album, with a tentative release date of summer 2003 mooted. Collaborator John Parish, who worked on the last Eels album, 2001’s ‘Souljacker’, is back on board. Songs set for inclusion on the LP include ‘Tea With Hitler’ and ‘Pig’s Blood Ballet’.

Of the new material, E says: “The stuff we’re working on now is really heavily polka influenced. There’s a lot of clarinets and tubas.”

E is also considering using some of the material he recorded two years ago with REM guitarist and sometime Eels collaborator Peter Buck on the album. He admits: “They sound more like REM songs with me singing instead of Michael Stipe.”