E wants his next record to be nothing short of total perfection...

Eels mainman E has revealed that he wants the band’s next album to be nothing short of perfection.

Despite the band’s latest album ‘Shootenany!’ being released just last month (June), E – real name Mark Everett – has already set his sights on the follow-up, which he plans to start recording next year.

“I’m sifting through a lot of the stuff that I’ve recorded already and I’m just starting to plant seeds for other stuff I want to record for the next album,” he said. “My standards are going to be very high. I feel the need to drop a masterpiece. Nothing less. This one is much more complicated.”

Despite Eels‘ lack of platinum success, the band have yet to be dropped from their record label, which E likens to the career of Randy Newman.

According to Billboard, he said: “In this day and age, it is sadly a rare thing for somebody to stick around this long at a major label. The same guys that run DreamWorks used to run Warner Bros. during its artistic heyday, before it all went down the crapper. They had Randy Newman, who was someone they called a ‘prestige artist,’ who they kind of keep around to attract other artists to the label.”

He added: “I might have assumed that role in their modern incarnation now, which is fine with me. I’m happy to serve whatever purpose keeps me making records, because that’s all I ever want to do.”