New Daisy age hits next year...

Eels return next year with a new album called ‘Daisies Of The Galaxy’ through Dreamworks on February 21.

Despite the album opening with the music from a New Orleans-style funeral, the songs on the album are a lot lighter than those on ‘Electro Shock Blues’ which were insipired by the suicide of singer E‘s sister and the long terminal illeness of his mother.

‘Daisies…’ and ‘Electro…’ were actually recorded at the same time.

“I wanted to make a fun, pretty record that was full of life,” said E. “We ended up making two very different records: One was loud, dark and scary, full of feedback; the other was ‘Daisies Of The Galaxy’. The two albums were made at the same time, but I only wanted to put this one out now.”

It was recorded in Los Angeles with eels drummer Butch, Grant Lee Buffalo‘s Grant Lee Phillips on bass and REM‘s Peter Buck on piano, guitar and bass.

The album is preceeded by a single called ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’ earlier in the month.