Eels’ Mark ‘E’ Everett reveals what powers the Freedom Of London gives him

He also voices uncertainty over the future

Eels‘ frontman Mark ‘E’ Everett was spoken out about what it means to have the Freedom Of The City Of London – as well voicing uncertainty as to whether he may make another album. Watch our video interview with E above.

Speaking to NME backstage at Mad Cool Festival ahead after kicking off the tour for his acclaimed 12th studio album ‘The Deconstruction’, E jokingly revealed what ‘powers’ the honour of the Freedom Of The City gives him.

“If I’m picked up in the street drunk, they do not send me to jail – they send me home in a taxi,” he told NME. “That’s come in handy more than once. The other thing is that I’m allowed to herd my sheep across London Bridge. I did it the night before our show at Brixton. Mostly it went well, there were a couple of accidents. We lost a couple of sheep, but dinner the next night was delicious.”

Speaking of the four year hiatus between albums, E told NME: “I didn’t know if I was ever going to go back to it, that’s how serious I was about it. It was easy, because I had to.

“I was just doing everything else that I’ve been neglecting for the past 20 years. All the normal stuff that you normally tend to, daily. It wasn’t that I felt the urge [to return], it’s just that over a certain point over the four years that I took off, I very slowly would write and record a song. Then at some point late in that process, it started to rear its ugly head. ‘Oh no, I’m making an album’. Then you get on the train and you can’t get off. None of it’s really decision making on my part – you just have to go along with whatever happens.

Asked about the future, E continued: “I don’t even know if there is a next album. Who knows?”

Meanwhile, Eels’ Mad Cool show also saw them cover Prince’s classic ‘Raspberry Beret‘.

‘The Deconstruction’ by Eels is out now.