Eight-year-old channels Korn’s Jonathan Davis on ‘Freak On A Leash’ cover

"When 8-year-old Zoe isn't drawing unicorns, playing hopscotch and watching cartoons, she likes to utterly destroy Korn songs"

An eight-year-old has gone viral with a superb cover of Korn‘s ‘Freak On A Leash’ which sees him channeling frontman Jonathan Davis.

The cover comes courtesy of Zoe Franziska, who is a young musician working with the O’Keefe Music Foundation.

A press release for the cover said: “When eight-year-old Zoe isn’t drawing unicorns, playing hopscotch and watching cartoons, she likes to utterly destroy Korn songs/


“She did just that with four other destroyers from around the country,” the statement added. “Dominic Donile on lead guitar, Evan Harris on drums, Fritz Dannemiller on bass and Ashton Hall on rhythm guitar.”

Watch the cover below.

Elsewhere, a tour bus on Korn‘s current US tour with Code Orange and Chevelle was reportedly hit by a single bullet last week.

The three bands are currently on the road in the States and played in Saginaw, Michigan on Wednesday night (March 23) before having a day off in Davenport, Iowa on Thursday.

As TMZ reports, the Davenport Police Department were alerted to the fact that yesterday morning (March 25) one of the buses on the tour was hit by a single bullet outside a hotel in Davenport.


The report added that a source says the bullet went through the bus exterior and landed inside the cabin itself, but no one was on board the bus when the shooting occurred.

Korn released new album ‘Requiem’ last month, which NME called the “nu-metal veterans’ ‘happy’ album,” but one that “is still dark as fuck,” in a four-star review.

The review added: “It would be a push to call this Korn’s first ‘happy’ album. More accurately, ‘Requiem’ has brought something new to a discography that, until now, has been an exploration of human suffering. It’s led to the band’s most nuanced record to date.”

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