We took the new Elastica EP to T In The Park to get their peers' opinion on it...

Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai:

“It’s tremendous. It’s quite rocking and significantly better than anything Blur have ever done.”

Was it worth the wait?


“Not really. Well, I haven’t exactly been counting down the days waiting for it, but it’s a good enough record.”

Dave Brothwell, Regular Fries:

“Brutal, honest and, above all, instinctive. They sound like they’re B-52ed out of their minds.”

Was it worth the wait?

“Definitely man. It’s the 2CB-52s.” (The 2CB is a new psychedelic pill – Drugs Ed.)

Ian Ball, Gomez:


“Who are they? The Elastics? Oh my God. That’s enough of that. They sound like they’ve fallen asleep on the job.

“Can you talk me through who they are? They must have been around when the Britpop thing was going on and I was away with the fairies then, listening to the Red House Painters mainly.”

Was it worth the wait?

“It doesn’t grab me really.”

Joe Strummer:

“It’s fantastic. It sounds like my kind of music. It’s got my kind of a ‘groove’, I think. Great rocking guitars.”

Was it worth the wait?

“Yeah, It’s hard to find good music, let’s be honest. I’m looking in all the weirdest places.”

Grasshopper, Mercury Rev:

“It sounds like a Mexican black tar piece of heroin being eaten by maybe a baby kitten. A white baby kitten. Yeah, it sounds good.”

Was it worth the wait?

“Well, four years is a long time, but yeah.”


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