Elastica's singer forgives former lover for singing about their break-up on Blur's current album '13'...

ELASTICA’S JUSTINE FRISCHMANN has made up with former lover BLUR’S DAMON ALBARN – just weeks after saying how his hit single ‘TENDER’ made her “squirm.”

Speaking exclusively to nme.com at the NME Premier Awards last week, she said she felt “okay” when it was announced that ‘Tender’ had been voted Best Single by NME readers.

Only last month, she blasted Damon for the personal nature of the lyrics on Blur’s current album ’13’, as most tracks allude to the painful break-up of their long-term relationship – particularly ‘Tender’ and ‘No Distance Left To Run’.

At the time, she said she felt he’d “milked” the situation and continued: “I squirmed when I heard about it. I was really surprised at how personal it was. We were breaking up and Damon was very secretive about what he was recording….If I’d heard it, I would have asked him to tone it down. I’ve always had a horror of my private life being exposed for all to see like that.”

But last week, the singer said: “‘Tender’ winning Best Single, that was okay. Apart from my neck swivelling round really fast and then my tongue came out, green shit came out my ears,” she joked. “No, not really. They’re good, they’re alright. I saw Damon the other night when I was really drunk and we had quite a good laugh. I’m cool about it now.”

Otherwise, Justine said that she’d agreed with most of the other awards, apart from Travis winning Artist Of The Year which she thought was a “bit bizarre” and that she would have given Album Of The Year to Super Furry Animals rather than the Flaming Lips.

“I thought the Super Furries album (‘Guerilla’) was absolutely brilliant, fucking amazing. ‘I’ve Got A Mobile Phone’ (‘Wherever I Lay My Phone, That’s My Home’) has been a bit of an anthem for us. Godlike genius, well, Shaun Ryder! Gotta be.”

Read Part Two of this interview tomorrow, when Justine reveals the title of Elastica’s long-awaited forthcoming album – and how she’s made up with the band’s former guitar player Donna Matthews too!