Elastica singer slams former beau Damon Albarn for lyrical content of Blur's '13'

ELASTICA lead singer JUSTINE FRISCHMANN has blasted her former lover DAMON ALBARN for singing about the break-up of their relationship on BLUR’S last album ’13’.

Talking for the first time about the rather personal lyrical content on much of the album, she said: “I squirmed when I heard it. I was really surprised at how personal it was. We were breaking up and Damon was very secretive about what he was recording, which was unlike him.”

“If I’d heard it, I would have asked him to tone it down. I’ve always had a horror of my private life being exposed for all to see like that.”


Speaking to NME sister magazine UNCUT, Justine also said that the forthcoming Elastica album, out in March through Deceptive, would give her side of the painful break-up with Damon, though she stressed her approach was more restrained.

Her main comment about their split apparently comes in a song called ‘My Sex’, but rather than wallow in self-pity, she sings about the better times they had together.

Justine explained: “I don’t find it easy to bare my soul.”

As for ex-bloke Damon doing the opposite on ’13’, she said she thought he was “milking” the situation.

“He didn’t talk to me, he wrote about it…But if he’d spent as much time giving me emotional support as he spent writing songs about not getting it, we might not have broken up,” Justine remarked.

She added that ‘Tender’ and ‘No Distance Left To Run’ had both made her cry when she first heard them, and the latter even made her turn the radio off if she heard it’s plaintive strains.


For the rest of the story, see February’s issue of UNCUT magazine, priced #3.50.


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