People of the Big Apple, watch out - they'll be there for at least five years...

JUSTINE FRISCHMANN has told NME.COM that ELASTICA are planning a move to NEW YORK to work on the follow-up to ‘THE MENACE’.

Speaking in the current issue of NME, out nationwide today (January 10), Frischmann said they are considering the move to give the band the opportunity to “hang out together and have fun and write music”. She continued: “I don’t really want it to be for anything, it’s just because if we don’t do that together then we’re all extremely depressed and none of us knows what to do with ourselves. We need to do it.

“At this point it’s just whether or not we do it outside of the environment we’ve ended up being in. And I think it could be quite exciting just being somewhere where you’re not picking up Hello! magazine looking at Patsy Kensit’s arse. You’re not turning the television on and seeing Kylie and Robbie. It’s just a different set of things.”


The band have not yet finalised any release dates for new material in 2001.

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