Justine has been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings with her old pal...

JUSTINE FRISCHMANN has revealed that she has been attending NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS meetings with former bandmate DONNA MATTHEWS.

Speaking in the last ever edition of Melody Maker, on sale throughout the UK today (December 20), the Elastica frontwoman said: “Going to NA with her has been really good… it has just been really inspiring to see how there’s someone who nearly got finished off by rock ‘n’ roll mythology, and she’s such a cool, together girl that she went, ‘I’m not going to let this bullshit finish me off, I’m going to sort my life out.’ That’s been really inspiring.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Justine says that the band’s tour of America earlier this year was “the straightest tour we’ve ever done.” She said: “We were all pretty confused by the fact that we were all having a much better time together without drugs and there was no fucking weird psychotic paranoia going on.”