Long awaited new material on the way in the spring, if you can believe it...

ELASTICA have covered 1980s bubblegum Euro-hit ‘Da Da Da’ by one-hit-wonders Trio for their forthcoming album, according to their latest producer Marc Waterman.

He also said another track he has produced, ‘Mad Dog’, was a “three-minute pop ditty” and was being tipped as the new single, which he said would be released this spring.

Waterman is the fourth producer to have worked on Elastica‘s second album. The follow-up to their 1995 eponymous debut, it was initially slated for release in early 1997. He said he had worked on four or five songs that would appear on the as-yet untitled record. Other producers who worked on the project included Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails), Bruce Lampcov (The Pretenders) and Richard Norris (The Grid). Waterman believes the finished album will include 17 songs.


Speaking to Rolling Stone.com, he said that the album also features former Elastica bassist Annie Holland, Linoleum guitarist Paul Jones and The Fall‘s Mark E Smith, as previously reported by NME.

Waterman described the album as “slightly darker, introspective with a bit less pop edge” than the first album.

Despite persistent reports – often emanating from both Donna and Justine – that the band had split, their management insist they are still together and still consist of Justine Frischmann on vocals, Donna Matthews on guitar, Justin Welch on drums, Dave Bush on keyboards and Sheila Chipperfield on bass.

A spokesman said: “They may well have fallen out in the past, but it’s all on now. Tracks are being mixed this month. Everyone’s forging ahead to get everything finished and mixed sometime next month.”

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