Elastica were asked for reform for MIA’s Meltdown Festival

'I was actually surprised and even tempted'

Former Elastica frontwoman Justine Frischmann has revealed that the band were asked to reunite to perform at MIA’s Meltdown Festival.

The Britpop legends split up in 2001, and after rumours of the band reforming emerged from photos of them in the studio appeared, it turned out that they were in fact working on a reissue of their self-titled 1995 debut for Record Store Day.

Now in a new interview with The Times, Frischmann has revealed that she was ‘tempted’ to get the band back together when her friend MIA asked them to play at the event she’s curating in June.


“But we said no,” said Frischmann. “For a start, Donna [Matthews, guitar] is now a Christian missionary and can’t stand behind what Elastica stood for in terms of the rock n’ roll thing, but also we’ve moved on. It’d be interesting to try that thing on again, but…”

Frichmann added: “I was actually surprised and even tempted. I’ve never felt tempted before.”

MIA also publicly pleaded for Radiohead to perform at Meltdown.

Mykki Blanco, Yung Lean, I Wayne, Dexta Daps, Crystal Castles, MHD, Mr Eazi and Afrikan Boy will also deliver sets during the 10-day event at MIA’s Meltdown at London’s Southbank Centre from June 9-18.

Frishmann will also be displaying a new series of her paintings at the Volta Art Fair in June. For more information, visit her website.


Last month saw Elastica speak out to dismiss the chances of a reunion.

“We tend to keep ourselves to ourselves,” drummer Justin Welch told Uncut. “I’m still involved in music, but for the others, they’ve got on with their lives. I see Annie [Holland, bassist] quite a lot, because I’m down in Brighton. But the last time I saw Donna was when she turned up onstage at a Forum show [April 13, 2000]. She walked on, played on one song, and left.”

Justine Frischmann

He continued: “I’d been trying to put the record together with everyone’s help, but it’s been via email. When Rough Trade said they were going to cut the record at Abbey Road, I thought it would be a nice suggestion to put it out – who wants to come? Obviously Justine couldn’t come because she was in America, but for the others it was like, yeah, let’s meet for a cup of tea at Abbey Road – but we didn’t actually listen to a lot of the cutting of the record because we were just gassing.”

As well as saying that she has ‘no thoughts on reforming Elastica’, former frontman Justine Frischmann added: “Haha, honestly? Everyone looks so oooold!”