And the band confirm they'll be ending their 'Cast Of Thousands' tour at Glastonbury 2004...

ELBOW have been writing the follow up to ‘CAST OF THOUSANDS while on the road.

The band have been touring almost constantly since the record’s release last autumn.

“When we finished touring ‘Asleep In The Back’ (2001 debut album) we had six months to do another record and that was a lot of pressure,” guitarist Mark Potter explained to XFM. “So we’re writing on the road and have got a mini studio in the dressing room. We played a new instrumental song at the Brixton (Academy, London) gig the other night and that went down really well.”

“There’s never any rules to the way you write, you just develop over time depending on the equipment you have to use,” Garvey added. “For example, Craig’s [Potter, keyboards] learnt how to use Pro Tools, so we’re always round his house hammering ideas out. We’ll get together in pairs to write, or as a group, or in threes – threesomes are always better. Elbowprefer threesomes.”

The frontman also talked of the band’s festival plans. “The end of the ‘Cast Of Thousands’ campaign will be at Glastonbury, which is pretty much where it started,” explained Garvey. “Hopefully with the crowd singing along to ‘Grace Under Pressure’ like on the record”.

The new album is expected next spring.