The band allow NME.COM into their Manchester studio to get the lowdown on their third album...

[url=]ELBOW’s third album sees them return home and go back to basics after the traumatic recording of ‘CAST OF THOUSANDS’.

The band have recorded their new album in Manchester in an open plan space on the top floor of Salford’s Blueprint Studios. The band have produced the album themselves.

Singer Guy Garvey told NME.COM: “It’s very well documented that [making the second album] was really tough. And much as we all love the record, there wasn’t much joy involved in it. The actual experience was thoroughly fucking joyless to be honest.”

Determined to change the process, the band resolved to write on the road, and, refreshed, set about making the album without any outside influences.

The band have been joined by Mark Thomas from the Soup Collective, who alongside doing the visuals for [url=]Elbow, has made videos and animations for big-league pop stars Girls Aloud and Appleton.

Thomas is working on animations and visual ideas that grow at the same rate as the music that inspired them. But far from an Andy Warhol Factory vibe, bassist Pete Turner insists “it’s more like a youth club!”

“It’s brilliant though,” he continued, “because there’s artists coming in doing little sketches every day, people coming in and taking photographs.”

Mark’s works in progress are projected on a giant screen in front of the band as they write and record.

“It’s such a great vibe,” continued Guy. “We totally have control of what this environment looks like, feels like. It makes sense to have Mark up there, because [images] are so closely linked in the way people perceive stuff these days. And he makes a great cup of tea.”

Opening track ‘Station Approach’ describes coming home, taking its name from the road leading up to Piccadilly Train Station, while possible first single ‘Buddha With Mace’ describes a fat bouncer.

Guy added: “We’ve all really missed being at home. I spend a lot of time in the same few bars, but you fucking crave them when you’re away. It’s fucking great here, compared to how it was. It’s just getting better and better.”

The album, currently untitled, is due in May.