Elbow to release B-sides album

Guy Garvey reveals the details

Elbow are planning to release a B-sides album this September.

Currently touring around Europe, the band have revealed that they are even asking fans to help them with the tracklisting.

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do since the first album, cause there’s something lovely about B-side land,” singer Guy Garvey said. “There isn’t any pressure or it’s stuff that you’ve worked on really hard that just about hasn’t made the album but it’s good enough, but perhaps you already have something in a similar vein.”

He explained: “So we’ve always thought it was a terrible waste to get stuck on the B-sides of a single and nobody ever hears it. The great for fans to find and things like that but so much of our stuff isn’t released abroad we thought it was important to put a compendium together. It’s going to be released this September in the UK and hopefully simultaneously worldwide.

When asked by muchmusic.com how the group were deciding on which tracks to include on the album, Garvey replied: “We’ve been talking to fans who’ve managed to get a hold of B-sides, saying, which ones would you put on and which ones wouldn’t you, and the same names keep coming up. And at the same time, just the ones that we feel that will be a good body of work in its own right. It’s really good fun.”