Sometimes it's the ones you'd least expect…


singer GUY GARVEY has revealed that he’s had cosmetic surgery – on his ears.

Garvey looks are totally natural, except for his ears, which he revealed to Radio 1 he had pinned back while he was still at school.

“Put it this way – I was a big eared kid, they were like taxi doors,” Garvey admitted. “I used to get a lot of trouble because of them and my sister Sam had put me down for…well, cosmetic surgery, I suppose – to have my ears pinned back.”

The star added he was keen to have the procedure, as school bullies were picking on him for his wayward lobes.

“I thought ‘This will be the end to all my woes, I’ll be a hit with the chicks, and really popular’,” confessed Garvey, “but within an hour of being back at school with my new head they were singing ‘Holding Back The (Y)ears’ at me. I realised that being persecuted is a state of mind.”