Guy Garvey gets into trouble shooting the promo for 'Fugitive Motel'...

ELBOW frontman GUY GARVEY nearly drowned while filming the video for new single, ‘FUGITIVE MOTEL’.

The singer got into trouble while shooting the promo, although he admits the drama make the results look more realistic!

“I nearly drowned while making it. I had to swim around in a lake in a wetsuit, with my suit over the top. I nearly drowned. I tried to shout to the boat with the camera on it, but I couldn’t shout because I was paralysed,” Guy explained to the BBC.

“They were filming me drowning without realising that I was actually drowning so there are some interesting cutaways from that video.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band are planning to release a special edition of their latest album A Cast Of Thousands on November 3. The re-release features a special DVD which contains on the road footage, and home movies.

‘Fugitive Motel’ was released on Monday (October 27).