The band get ready to follow up their Mercury-nominated 'Asleep In The Back' in the new year...

ELBOW have told NME.COM they plan to follow their MERCURY-nominated album ‘ASLEEP IN THE BACK’ with “more instrumental” material, and hope to release a brand new single before attempting to crack the US next year.

Speaking backstage at the Reading festival, singer Guy Garvey said that the band have been working on new material while touring for their current album over the last six months.

He explained that the band were keen to go back into the studio before visiting the US at the start at 2001.

He said: “Before we go to the States at the start of next year we’re gonna do a one-off track which will probably be added to the American version of the album. But really it’s to get us back in the studio.

“We’re going in next week for five days to throw some new ideas around. We’re dying to get back to it.”

Garvey said that the group had no idea what the band were going to record, but selected lyrics and music that wasn’t used on ‘Asleep In The Back’ could be in contention.

He continued: “We haven’t written (the new single) yet. We’ve decided to do it groove first. There was a song called ‘Asleep In The Back’ which we never put on the album because it wasn’t ready, so we might have a crack at that, that might put a nice twist on things, bring out the title track of the album.

“Writing on the road is a new experience. We’re determined the second album isn’t going to be about being on the road but one of the ideas is that I’m gonna write about the band’s personal experiences over the last ten years because I’ve been with them through it, so maybe that’s one idea. Another idea is not to have so many vocals on the record, do more instrumental things.”

Elbow re-release their single ‘Newborn’ on October 1 via V2.