One track contains Doves, Alfie, band relatives and about 15,000 fans...

ELBOW have teamed up with Doves and the entire GLASTONBURY crowd on one of the songs on their new album – and they want to credit every single person there on the sleeve!

The group have been in the studio for the last year, working on the follow-up to their 2001 Mercury-nominated debut ‘Asleep In The Back’. Currently given a working title of ‘Cast Of Thousands’, the record is set for release on August 18 via V2. An undecided single will precede it on August 4.

“There’s a song on the album called ‘Grace Under Pressure'”, singer Guy Garvey explained. “It’s like a mantra. Jimi Goodwin from Alfie sings on it. [a][/a] all sing on it. My brother’s on it. There’s a string section, a brass section. Basically everybody who came anywhere near us is on the tune. It ends with the crowd at Glastonbury last year.”

He continued: “I said to the crowd, ‘Do you want to be on the next record?’ and they said ‘Yeah’. So I got them to sing. They sing ‘We still believe in love so fuck you’. There was about 15,000 of them!”

Elbow want anyone who was at the show to visit the band’s website, [url=]elbow.co.uk, and leave their names. The intention is to put as many on the sleeve of the record as possible. “With very small print we can get about 1,000 names on each page of the booklet,” Garvey said. “It’s a thank you to everyone who supported us last time around.”

The band have announced they will play this year’s Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

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