Guy Garvey wants the loveable 'Cast Of Thousands' cover stars blasted into space…

ELBOW are hatching a plan to kill off the two cover stars from their latest album ‘CAST OF THOUSANDS’.

Singer Guy Garvey told NME.COM he wants to send the two 12ft statues Elle and Bo that have been at every festival this year, into space where they are likely to explode over the English countryside.

“We’ve been speaking to this rocket enthusiast in Birmingham and we’re trying to work out how we can launch Elle and Bo,” Guy said. “They’re only made out of polystyrene so they’re quite light, but it’s question of how to get them up there and what happens to them when they’re there. But they’ve got to go!”

The frontman also claimed he wanted to destroy the pair when the band recently recorded ‘Top Of The Pops’.

Guy added: “I wanted to hatchet them to pieces with an axe on the show. But they weren’t even allowed into building because they’re not fireproof or something.”

As previously reported, Elle and Bo caused panic on the M1 motorway last month (July 18) when drivers mistook them for aliens. Police removed the pair after the authorities received calls from worried motorists who reported two ‘alien’ type figures looming at the side of the road. Upon investigating the authorities declared the statues a distraction and a safety hazard to motorists and ordered them to be taken down. The Elbow figures were ‘resting’ in a farmer’s field between J27 and J28 on the M1.