NME.COM does make it in to the hottest ticket in town - and finds out the band will be playing two UK festivals this year...

Elbow were forced to cut the opening date of their US tour short last night (February 19) by a Fire Marshall who determined the venue was too packed for the band to continue.

The group performed a date at the Los Angeles Troubadour (February 19) as part of a tour with South. Bassist Pete Turner explained to NME.COM what happened: “We always have this thing where the first show – we always expect something to go wrong and tonight our amp wasn’t working and we had to hire a new one.

“And [then] we were playing and just about to go into ‘Don’t Mix Your Drinks’ and the fire chiefs were outside saying it’s too busy. You gotta stop the gig.”

In the hour-long set the group did manage to play, they left the packed

audience awestruck with stunning renditions of ‘Newborn’ and latest single ‘Asleep In the Back’.

Currently the group are generating a buzz Stateside, having already sold out several dates on their tour, including New York’s Bowery Ballroom gig next month (March 6).

Elbow who are nominated for Best New Artist at tonight’s (February 20) Brit Awards, but will miss the ceremony in order to head up their second tour stop tonight, in San Diego. Turner says they are only slightly disappointed they won’t be making an appearance.

“It’d be cool to say I’m not bothered because we’re in America, but I think it’d be a laugh. It’s a free night out and all your mates are there. But I can’t complain because we’re in San Diego and coming back to LA.”

As for the award, Turner says the group are placing their bets on Turin Brakes to win.

“We’re up against So Solid Crew, Gorillaz. We don’t have a fucking chance. They’re kind of a lot bigger than we are. I’d like Turin Brakes to win it because they are top.”

Following the conclusion of their US tour March 13th in Atlanta, the group will return to the UK where Turner says they have confirmed two festival appearances before they begin work on the follow up to ‘Asleep In the Back’.

“I know we’re doing Glastonbury and V2002. We’re just doing a few because of time really. It’s time for writing in that period. We’ll take a couple of days off and do the festivals but that’s writing time.”

Finally, Turner says the open call for the recovery of frontman Guy Garvey’s lost journals, containing personal affects and lyrics to new material, has proved unfruitful.

“There’s absolutely no way we’ll get them back. We were doing the journey to London all the time, meeting mates, getting pissed and it got lost somewhere and it could be on any train between Manchester and London or it could’ve been in a number of bars, and we don’t know where it’s gone, but it’s gone.”