Elbow pause Benicassim gig to avoid crowd crush

Plus, the band reveal their new album may be 'heavier'

Elbow had to halt their show on the Main Stage at Benicassim tonight (July 15), to avoid fans being crushed.

The band were playing a nine song set, including the likes of ‘Bones Of You’ and ‘One Day Like This’, but Guy Garvey had to pause the gig before ‘Grounds For Divorce’.

The singer told the crowd, “Wait a minute, everybody step back. Everyone’s getting crushed down here. C’mon, step back, we’ve got a gig to do.”


He also commented earlier in the set, saying: “It’s a bit of a squeeze down the front, make sure you’re kind to everybody around you.”

Elbow revealed before the show that their follow-up to ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ may be “grander”, “heavier” and “more guitar driven” than their last album.

Bassist Pete Turner told NME, “You start having an idea and when you look at it at the end you think, that’s nothing like what we’d planned. But we see it as being quite a big record, the next one, a bit grander, and heavier.”

Elbow released ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ back in March, but have already started working on their next record.

When asked what direction the next album might take, lead singer Guy Garvey said, “Until we’ve got a good four or five songs, it’s about every individual track getting what it needs. Then you start building up a picture and threading it into an album and you can write songs to make sure the record works, or at least that’s what we’ve done in the past.

“It might be more guitar driven than the last, there was an awful lot of keyboard work on ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ and we loved that, but there’s a good chance this one will be different.”


Elbow played:

‘The Birds’
‘Bones Of You’
‘Neat Little Rows’
‘Grounds For Divorce’
‘The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver’
‘Lippy Kids’
‘Open Arms’
‘One Day Like This’

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