Elbow’s Pete Turner knocks Everything Everything bassist’s tooth out

Guy Garvey reveals all about accidental clash of heads

Elbow‘s Pete Turner knocked Everything Everything bassist Jeremy Pritchard‘s tooth out last night (May 24) during a Villagers concert in Manchester – according to Guy Garvey.

The pair went to hug each other after a few beers while watching the gig at Sound Control but headbutted each other by accident, the Elbow frontman has revealed.

Elbow‘s Pete Turner nutted Everything Everything‘s Jeremy Pritchard in the face while trying to hug him and Jeremy lost a tooth,” Garvey wrote on his Twitter page, Twitter.com/guy_garvey. “[I] had the enviable job of recounting to Pete what he had done this morning. He phoned Jeremy who graciously received his contrition. I love it.”

The Zutons frontman Dave McCabe later posted a response at the Elbow singer’s account. “He wants to watch that – nutting people it gets you into trouble, take it from me, the horse’s head,” he wrote. He was referencing to his own recent court case which saw him convicted of assaulting a man outside a nightclub in Liverpool.

Elbow are set to play before U2 at Glastonbury on June 24. They will play a one-off gig at LondonSt Paul‘s Cathedral Crypt tomorrow (May 26).