Elbow’s Guy Garvey reveals ‘shoegaze’ and ‘psychedelia’ album sessions

Bury band working on fifth album

Elbow‘s Guy Garvey has revealed that sessions for the band’s new album has seen them dabble in shoegaze and psychedelia, and has also resulted in him writing about his hometown of Bury.

The frontman told Teletext that they had “20 odd” song ideas that they planned to explore for their fifth LP, the follow-up to 2008’s ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’.

“We listen back every few weeks and have a culling,” he explained. “It goes on like that, until there are really solid foundations for 15 or 16 songs. It’s gone from shoegaze to psychedelia and it’ll change again next week. The shoegaze has left behind discord: Moogs and Mellotrons, backward guitars and celene strings.”

Garvey added that moving house from Manchester back to Bury had helped to inspire the lyrical content of the new songs.

“I want to be closer to my folks,” he said. “They’re not that far as it is, but even closer isn’t a bad thing. I want my kids to have the option to fall out of trees, like I did. So I’m writing very affectionately about the city and the age I am.

“I’ve just written this: “The laddered chair in my high ideals/Like I took a chair to the battlefield/The noble fire that is in my chest/Is acid in my belly at the very best.” So it sounds as if I’m writing about being fat and 40!”