Elbow working on new album about ‘growing up’

The Bury group's fifth studio effort has a working title of 'Lippy Kids'

Elbow have revealed that they are currently working on their fifth album with the working title of ‘Lippy Kids’.

The follow-up to 2008’s Mercury Prize winning, ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, frontman Guy Garvey explained that the LP will be about “growing up”.

“The working title of the album at the moment is ‘Lippy Kids’,” he told BBC 6 Music.”It’s quite a nostalgic thing. I’ve got a thing about growing up, not needing to, but a certain period of your life when – well kids are called ‘hoodies’ these days aren’t they when they reach their teens. I remember it being an amazing important time, so I’ve written a lot about that.”

Set to be released next year, Garvey added that they have completed about three quarters of the LP.

“We’re all buzzing off it,” he explained. “You have periods of nervousness and then you have periods of elation. And we’re all buzzing off it at the minute.”

As previously reported, the group admitted that early album sessions had seen them dabble in shoegaze and psychedelia.