Elbow, Dizzee Rascal protest against torture by staying silent

Musicians lend weight to human rights campaign

Elbow and Dizzee Rascal have both joined in with a ‘silent protest’ in opposition to the use of music as torture across the world.

The CIA technique of playing music at deafening volumes for long periods of time as an ‘enhanced interrogation technique’ has still not been outlawed, despite US President Barack Obama‘s opposition to torture.

Pressure group Reprieve have instigated the Zero dB campaign in an attempt to force governments and the United Nations to enforce the Convention Against Torture to prevent it.


The petition involves the artists in question filmed standing in silence, with each clip added to create a ‘visual petition’ of silence. Massive Attack and Doves have already taken part. The video can be viewed at Zerodb.org

Reprieve‘s director Clive Stafford Smith urged people to take part, saying in a statement: “Torture should have been left in the Middle Ages; yet it rears its head in new forms. Music torture tears people apart mentally – as much as any razorblade. I encourage everyone to join our silent protest against the use of music torture.”


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