Elbow announce early release of ‘Live At The Ritz’ album for fans at home

Get your ears around this...

Elbow have released their live album ‘Live At The Ritz’ ahead of schedule for fans to enjoy while they’re staying at home during the coronavirus crisis.

The album is a recording of the band’s intimate show at Manchester’s Ritz in October 2019, allowing fans to experience what it was like for the band to return to the scene of some of their earliest shows.

“Given we should be seeing 100,000 of you fans on this tour we thought we’d bring forward the release of a record we made at the end of last year, ‘Live at The Ritz’,” said Elbow.


“We have a long history with The Ritz, hanging around there as teenagers. Monday night was indie night and where we found our people but never got a snog. It was a really warm atmosphere in a room we’ve got a ton of history with, one of the best venues in Manchester, one of the best venues in the world.”

They added: “We hope it goes someway to fixing your disappointment at not being able to see us for the moment”.

It is now available on streaming sites, ahead of the Vinyl and CD releases on April 17.

Their latest album was 2019’s ‘Giants Of All Sizes.’


Speaking to NME when the album was announced, singer Guy Garvey said: “A lot about this record is different. We started recording in a new city, in Hamburg, we changed the way we worked and we all decided from the off to let the songs take the lead, without compromising the vision of each tune.”