Singer Dick Valentine admits that the band nearly jacked it in when three original members of the band left before Glastonbury...

Electric Six frontman DICK VALENTINE has revealed that the band came close to splitting up when three members left in early June.

After playing at Glastonbury last weekend (June 27-29) with the new line-up, Valentine spoke out about why the break-up occurred, leaving the singer and drummer M as the only remaining founding members.

“It’s just one of those things were you think it might happen, and you hope it doesn’t, ” he said. “We had five or six completely different personalities in the band, so you thought either that was one of the strengths or one of the weaknesses.

“If you have five people in the band who are so vastly different and they get along, then that really adds to what you have on stage,” he added. “But the sad fact is, we’re all just completely different people with different agendas, and sooner or later it gave way.”

Valentine told Radio 1: “It was weird, but those us who remained in the band, we were all just like, ‘Should we pack it in or should we keep going?’ And we were all just like, ‘There’s no reason why not to keep going.'”

Guitarists Rock’N’Roll Indian and Surge Joebot, along with bassist Disco, were replaced with Johnny Na$hinal, The Colonel and Frank Lloyd Bonaventure.