Disco compares the band's new line-up to "Kiss without the make-up"...

Is the Electric Six

split as amicable as the band claimed? Not according to former member DISCO, who contacted NME.COM to tell his side of the story.

Last week, we exclusively revealed that three bandmembers, Rock’n’Roll Indian, Surge Joebot and bassist Disco – were no longer in the group. The remaining band claimed the split was painless – not so according to a VERY disgruntled Disco who contacted NME.COM to vent his spleen. He bitched that Electric Six

with the new line-up was like 70’s glam rockers Kiss when they took off their make-up.

“This ‘pressures of success’ jive is hilarious,” he ranted to NME. “And we’re loathe to stand in the way of a good joke. We know what really happened, those guys know what happened, everyone close to the band knows what happened and everybody in Detroit now knows what happened. They can say whatever they want to the press. It’s fine with us.”

Despite extensive probing from NME.COM, however, Disco flatly refused to reveal what actually happened, raising suspicions that this was just another trick to raise interest in the band.

“Anyway, who knows?” he continued, “maybe this new line-up will be interesting. Kiss was great after they took the make-up off. And we saw Axl’s new ‘Chinese Democracy’ line-up on the telly and it was great. So who knows?”

Electric Six release their debut album ‘Fire’ on June 30, followed by a new single, ‘Dance Commander’, in August.