Ellie Goulding: ‘I shouldn’t be criticised for speaking out against Donald Trump’

A fan recently told the singer: 'Don't stick your nose into politics'

Ellie Goulding has defended her decision to speak out against Donald Trump, insisting she should not be “criticised” for sharing her political views.

After she posted negative tweets about the US Presidential hopeful earlier this week, a fan tweeted back at her: “Don’t stick your nose into politics and make me not want to go to your concert in June.” Goulding replied to the fan by saying: “Don’t come please.”

Discussing the Twitter incident with Daily Star Online, Goulding explained that she does not “speak out about everything”, but only “what I feel is important for young people to be aware of”.

“Most people agree with my opinions about Donald Trump but a couple of people on Twitter did not agree,” she continued. “A guy said he wouldn’t come to my show if I didn’t stop talking about Trump so I just told him well maybe you should come then. The way he put it made me think that I really don’t understand why Trump is even running for president at all.”

“It is something I feel strongly about and I don’t think I should be criticised for speaking out,” the singer concluded. Goulding is currently midway through her Delirium World Tour, which began in January and is scheduled to run until October.