Ellie Goulding to play Royal Wedding reception – Tabloid Hell

William and Kate are 'huge fans'

Ellie Goulding is set to play the royal wedding reception tomorrow (April 29), according to the papers today.

The singer is reportedly a favourite of Prince William and Kate Middleton, claims The Sun, with a source telling the paper: “Wills and Kate are huge fans of Ellie and were keen to sign her up.

They added: “Her music goes down well with the young ones, plus a few of the older guests will be nodding their heads along. They really wanted a top British talent and the couple are delighted Ellie agreed to perform. She can’t wait – although she’s a tad nervous.”

“Goes down well with the young ones”, eh? Sounds like the royals have, as ever, got their finger on the pulse. Also, we can’t help reading between the lines of this source and inferring that what they really wanted to say was: “La Roux were too busy.”

The reception is due to be held at Buckingham Palace and will be hosted by the Queen.

In related news, Joss Stone has been invited to the wedding and Lily Allen has not, but she doesn’t mind.