Elliott Smith’s debut album ‘Roman Candle’ set for reissue

Remastered version of the late singer-songwriter's 1994 LP will be released on April 5

Elliott Smith‘s debut solo album ‘Roman Candle’ is set to be reissued.

Remastered by Larry Crane, the late singer-songwriter’s 1994 LP will be released by Domino on April 5.

“The intention that I had was to make the album more listenable,” Crane said about the remastering. “I felt that a lot of the guitar ‘squeaks’ were jarring and very loud, and that many of the hard consonants and ‘S’ sounds were jarring and scratchy sounding. I felt by reducing these noises that the music would become more inviting and the sound would serve the songs better.”


The tracklisting for ‘Roman Candle’ is as follows:

‘Roman Candle’
‘Condor Ave.’
‘No Name #1’
‘No Name #2’
‘No Name #3’
‘Drive All Over Town’
‘No Name #4’
‘Last Call’
‘Kiwi Maddog 20/20’