Early version of Elliott Smith’s ‘Coast To Coast’ revealed – listen

Unheard version of 'From A Basement On The Hill' song appears on soundtrack to new film 'Heaven Adores You'

An early version of Elliott Smith‘s ‘Coast To Coast’ has been revealed as part of the soundtrack to new documentary Heaven Adores You.

Heaven Adores You was funded by Smith fans via Kickstarter, and focuses on Smith’s life in the three cities he lived in, Portland (Oregon), New York and Los Angeles.

The film premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2014 and is available on DVD and streaming platforms now. Directed by Nickolas Rossi, it features previously unreleased music and interviews with Smith’s friends and collaborators.


Kevin Moyer, the film’s producer and music supervisor, told NME about the song: “This is a very early and unreleased version of ‘Coast To Coast’ which would later be posthumously released on the album ‘From A Basement On The Hill’,” he said.

“We used this song in the film to suggest Elliott’s move from Portland to New York and this one seemed to be one of the songs with the greatest interest from the fans too, when we would have screenings people would always come up after to ask about music, and this was always one that they wanted to ask about or hear the whole thing.”

‘Plainclothes Man’ – originally recorded by Smith’s band Heatmiser for their third and final album ‘Mic City Sons’ was revealed earlier this week.

The full soundtrack to the Heaven Adores You documentary comes out on February 5, with a tracklisting as follows:

‘Untitled Guitar Finger Picking’ [1983]
‘Untitled Melancholy Song’ [1993]
‘Don’t Call Me Billy’ [early version of ‘Fear City’] [1993]
‘Christian Brothers’ [performed with Heatmiser] [1995]
‘Hamburgers’ [performed with Neil Gust] [1995]
‘Plainclothes Man’ [Elliott solo version] [1996]
‘Unknown Song (instrumental)’ [1994]
‘Say Yes’ [live at Yo Yo Festival] [1997]
‘Unknown (instrumental)’ [1994]
‘Coast To Coast’ [early version] [1995-96]
‘Waltz #1’ (demo) [1997]
‘Untitled Soft Song In F’ [1993]
‘True Love’ [2001]
‘Miss Misery’ [live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien] [1998]
‘L.A.’ [1999]
‘Son Of Sam’ (acoustic) [1999]
‘The Last Hour’ [early version] [1999]
‘Everything Means Nothing To Me’ [1999]
‘Happiness’ [1999]
‘I Love My Room’ [1984-85]