Unreleased Elliott Smith tracks surface online

There's 22 of them...

A host of unreleased material from Elliott Smith has surfaced on the internet as the second anniversary of his death approaches.

The 22 tracks are being circulated under the title ‘From A Basement On The Hill II’, and are purported to be songs dropped from the star’s final LP. However, much of the material is believed to date from long before the album’s sessions, some of it going back as far as the mid-’90s.

Charlie Ramirez, Webmaster for the official Smith site SweetAdeline.net, told MTV, “I think some of them might have been considered for ‘Basement…’, but not necessarily.”

Smith died from an apparent suicide on October 21, 2003. He was found with a knife wound in his heart.

According to a publicist for Smith, 34 songs were recorded during the album’s lengthy sessions, although various interviews and accounts put the figure closer to 50 tracks.

According to Ramirez, tracks that are definitely outtakes from the ‘Basement…’ sessions include ‘Abused’, ‘The Worst Part Is Almost Over’ and possibly ‘High Times’, ‘New Disaster’ and ‘Riot Coming’. Other leaked tracks like ‘Placeholder’, ‘See My City Dead’ and ‘Georgia’ date from the ‘Either/Or’ era of 1996-97.

Three songs were reportedly removed from the proposed final version of ‘From a Basement on the Hill’ at the family’s behest, presumably for their lyrical content – ‘Abused’, ‘Suicide Machine’ and another unnamed track.

The number of reported ‘Basement…’ outtakes extends into double figures and includes still-unreleased songs like ‘Mr Good Morning’, ‘From a Poisoned Well’, ‘Dancing On The Highway’, ‘See You in Heaven’ and ‘True Love’.