Coroner is unable to establish whether he committed suicide...

The nature of Elliott Smith‘s death has been left open after the Coroner’s Office in Los Angeles has been unable to ascertain whether he committed suicide.

The cause of death of the 34-year-old in October was revealed to be two stab wounds. Initial police reports indicated that they believed it to be suicide.

Coroner’s spokesman David Campbell said Smith died from two “penetrating stab wounds” to the chest.

He said: “The trauma that he sustained could have been inflicted by him or by another and the coroner has not been able to make a determination.”

Police said they would re-examine the investigation following the coroner’s report

Toxicology reports found no illegal or controlled substances in Smith’s system at the time of death.

Elliott Smith released five brilliant albums and was Oscar-nominated for ‘Miss Misery’ from Good Will Hunting.