Internet buddies have come together to record an LP of their hero's songs...

ELLIOTT SMITH fans from around the world have come together via the Internet to record an album of their hero’s songs.

The Smith devotees met at the discussion board on [url=], an unofficial fansite, and struck on the idea of recording the album.

The tracks were recorded by fans in the US, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. Ideas and bits of tracks were swapped across continents via digital downloads and old fashioned audio cassettes. The limited number of copies pressed were distributed amongst the fans themselves, though others interested in the Smith curio should head to the website.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

‘No Name #1’

‘Last Call’

‘Some (rock) Song

‘Christian Brothers’

‘White Lady Loves You More’

‘The Biggest Lie’

‘ Between The Bars’

‘Rose Parade’


‘Baby Britain’


‘Everybody Cares Everybody Understands’

‘I Didn’t Understand’

‘Everything Reminds Me Of Her’

‘Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud’

‘Pretty (Ugly Before)’