First track from it 'Happiness' available on web...

Elliott Smith is set to release the follow up to his last critically acclaimed album ‘XO’ this summer.

The as-yet-untitled album is almost completed and is said to be less lo-fi than any of Smiths previous offerings.

Talking to, the album’s producer TOM ROTHROCK said of the record: “Like ‘XO’, it contains acoustic stuff and then electric stuff and the use of string sections. It has some of the same elements. It’s a really nice record – it’s the next step.”

The first single from the album is to be a Beatles influenced track called ‘HAPPINESS’, which is now available to download as a free MP3 file at Other tracks to be featured on the album include ‘Son Of Sam’, ‘Junkbond Trader’, ‘Everything Reminds Me Of Her’, ‘Pretty Mary Kay’, ‘Color Bars’, ‘Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud’, ‘LA’, ‘The Lost And Found’, ‘I Better Be Quiet Now’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Stupidity Tries’.

Rothrock also said bassist SAM COOMES of QUASI, who previously played with Smith in the band HEATMEISTER, plays on several album tracks.