Elon Musk reveals his favourite Grimes tracks

Pair appeared to confirm they're dating at Met Gala

Elon Musk has revealed his favourite Grimes songs following reports that the pair are dating.

The SpaceX CEO/Tesla co-founder and the musician (real name Claire Boucher) attended the Met Gala together on Monday night (May 7). Reports recently suggested that the couple had been “quietly dating” over the past month.

After being asked by a Twitter user what his favourite Grimes song was, Musk said that he had two: ‘Flesh Without Blood’ and ‘Kill v Maim’, both from 2015’s ‘Art Angels’.

See Musk’s tweet beneath.

After a fan asked if Grimes would prefer if her music was shared via iTunes, rather than through Spotify as Musk had tweeted, Musk replied: “Prob iTunes, but whatever works 4u is fine. Most people don’t buy music & artist earnings from streaming are tiny. Mostly about touring”.

He then shared a chart, which detailed how much artists make from different services.

As well as collaborating with Janelle Monae on ‘PYNK‘ from her acclaimed new album ‘Dirty Computer‘, Grimes has also teased new music made with Youtube sensation Poppy.

She also claims to have a “deep well of shit” when it comes to new material of her own.

“I just took a month off,” she told fans earlier this year, adding that “a lot of insane shit went down and I’m reorienting my whole life”.

“I think now I’m screwing my head back on,” she added. “Can finish [the album] fast and I have a deep well of shit this time, like sooooo many songs so after my album I’ll be able to consistently release more music.”